Thursday, May 5, 2011


He was so pumped.

He learned to pump on the swing by himself!!!

And I was pretty pumped too.....and then I realized....

it will be 2 more years until Owen can pump himself on the swing...

Parker told Owen that "when you get big you learn new things everyday, Owen!"

Owen just frowned and whined...

Then we came in for supper and got pumped for Awana awards night at church.

And this video is so funny I had to post it.

The way Parker reacts at the end of the video makes me laugh every time. He was so pumped.

Now I need to get packing. I am headed to NYC with my mom and sisters. I am pumped!

Pumped is a really weird word to see in writing.


Jill said...

AHHH! Missing you and the boys (and Sean, kinda : ) Gosh that video got be going too! Hope NYC was great. Let's skype soon! Love you seester!

Sam and Abby McNair said...

your recent posts have made me miss you so much... just want to laugh with you:) parker is hilarious... owen is adorable... hope you knee is healing - that a little rough with two rowdy boys and summer coming? praying for you!