Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Owen turned 1 on the 19th and he had a wild party.
His best friend (and cousin) Sophia came to his party.
This picture cracks me up because they are so funny together.
Sophia is trying to sneak the cow off of the tractor,
and Owen is getting ready to get his heart broken and cry about it.

He LOVED his cake....
but really who doesn't love milk-free chocolate cake with soy frosting?!??
Ha. Oh, the joys of children with food allergies :).
(Parker has food allergies, not Owen)

Yes, that is a huge bulging bruise on his forehead.
Yup, he fell off of a chair on the hardwood floor.
Cried a little, nothing major.
What can I say, he loves to climb.

The three amigos enjoying their dinner and LOUD conversation.

Parker has been really busy.
I am thinking he can get a full-time job this summer as a hired man.
He has a gator so he can get anywhere he needs to go....
just ask him.
In this particular instance he was going "hunting"
for a "feisty tomcat"
No the gun is not real.
No I did not buy the gun for him.

Parker is a clown...Owen is Mr. Serious.

Ha. Seriously, Owen.....smile :)!

Parker wanted a turn to pull Owen on the sled.
Here Owen is mid-fall.

But don't worry....he didn't cry...
he didn't make an audible noise.....
he remained completely SERIOUS....no smiles.

Yes, Owen is a very serious boy.
He loves to be outside but you would never know it by looking at him.
I did finally catch a rare smile and isn't he so sweet!!??!?

And this "sweet" boy is trying to decide if he still needs a morning nap or not. And this not-so-"sweet" mom is going crazy because naps are getting a little unpredictable. I mean, I shouldn't really care because we are usually at home, but I LOVE schedules. I love knowing when he will go to sleep and when he will wake up. I know I should decide for him and just make the transition to 1 nap instead of 2, but some mornings he seems so tired.....and then the next day he isn't tired at all and doesn't need nap until 1:30pm. I want him to nap from 1pm-4pm like Parker did for the longest time and I know it takes training, but I am not up for the challenge this week. Maybe next week. Maybe not. I know to most it's just a nap, but to me it is my life :).

Is it summer yet?

I think Owen has had a runny nose for approximately
(or exactly)
5 weeks this Sunday.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The view....

When the view out the front door looks like this....

And the view out the back door looks like this.....

And the thermometer says 10 degrees, and the HIGH tomorrow is -1...

I take my 3 year-old downstairs to the treadmill to burn off some energy.
(Please ignore the mismatched pajamas)

Yes, I did take my turn on the treadmill and worked out for the 3rd time in 5 days....thankyouverymuch.....I just didn't post a photograph of myself because my outfit was similar to Parker's :). Parker is a great workout partner....seriously!