Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chicken Tortilla Soup

It is finally soup weather and I love soup! It is easy to make and fills up my boys! I am always looking for new good soup I thought maybe if I would share one you could share one with me :).....

This is what I made for supper tonight and it was sooooooooo good.....I can't wait to eat it again tomorrow for lunch.

Chicken Tortilla Soup
1 Rotisserie Chicken cut in small pieces
1 can of red enchilada sauce
1 bag of frozen corn
4 cans of chicken broth
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can of diced green chiles
1 can northern beans

Directions: Dump everything together, heat and eat! Sometimes I cut up tortillas and put them in it and that makes it really good too. I always put 2 cans of northern beans in it because that is Parker's favorite part. I love to eat it with tortilla chips too. Sometimes if I want to make it more mild (kid friendly) I rinse the green chiles or only put half the can in.

You will have to try it and let me know if you like it....but don't forget that you need to give me one of your soup recipes and if you don't....well....I guess you are just being selfish.

I would have had a picture of the soup to make the post more interesting, but in between bible study this morning, story hour this afternoon, laundry and Awana at church tonight you are lucky I even got the recipe posted, let alone a picture.

You will just have to enjoy these pictures I have been wanting to post of my happy boys....who love this soup.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Coupon Rage

I am not a coupon clipper. I know, I know....people save tons of money clipping coupons. It just isn't my thing. But when I see a really good in more than $2.00 of of something I actually use...I may, in a weak moment, clip it. Then it sits in my wallet and without fail, the day I go to use the coupon it is always 1 day expired. Seriously...are you kidding me!

So I cleaned my wallet out this morning after paying bills and discovered a $7.00 off coupon! WOW! Now a $7.00 coupon is worth heart raced with excitement as I feverishly searched for the expiration date....and it said "Use before September 30th"....I quickly looked at my calendar (since I have no idea what day, month or sometimes year it is) and it said the 28th! Boooooooyahhhhhhhhh!

I made my grocery list with excitement...I couldn't wait to use my coupon....I walked into Wal*Mart with a bounce in my step and filled my cart. As I walked to the checkout my heart swelled with hope in the fact that I had clipped a coupon, a $7.00 coupon that was not expired, and was about to successfully use it!

Mrs. Coupon File Fanatic, behind me strikes up a conversation as she sorts through her, I kid you not, HUGE File Folder of coupons....yeah, pretty impressive and intimidating to a coupon virgin.

The cashier says "$455.32 please" (well, maybe that is an exaggeration, but who can get out of Wal*Mart anymore without spending $150!?!?!??!....seriously) I say, "Oh, I have a coupon to use".

Dead give away that I am a coupon virgin.....You don't tell the cashier you have a coupon, you just simply hand her the coupon.....or coupons if you are Mrs. Coupon File Fanatic...I digress....

The cashier takes my coupon and I refrain from screaming in excitement....I mean, even though I spent $150...I saved $7.00....yeah.....take that Wal*Mart!!!

I get home....put my stuff away and decide to look at the receipt just for the pleasure of seeing the - $7.00 at the bottom....only to find that the cashier didn't scan the coupon....yeah, nowhere on the receipt is there a - $7.00.


My heart sinks. Anger, frustration and rage begin to well up and I decide not to succumb to coupon rage....I crank up some worship music, thank God that I remembered to buy a candy bar and vow to NEVER clip another coupon in my life. In fact, I may start a new support group for people like me who have coupon rage....Would you join?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Oh....what's that...You wish you could've gone with us???
Well, it's your lucky day because by the end of this post you will feel like you did!

Hannah's classic "picture smile" and Bekah & Parker being...ummm...3....


"Owen, can you believe they woke us up from our naps to come here!!?!?"
"Yeah...seriously Sophia....this isn't that fun....the zoo was way more fun."

Owen loves to snuggle his Aunt Annie!

Owen would have ridden on this horse with Parker all day....he loves his Parker!

Praying to God for patience.....or something like that....
while waiting for the hayrack to come and take us to pick our pumpkins.

Putting on a real show for the 13 year-old girls who were waiting for the hayrack too. They asked the kids where they were from...Hannah replies, "Hastings, Nebraska" and then Parker says, "Um, mommy...where am I from?" Good question is something I wonder everyday!

So happy to finally be on the hayrack!

Parker's main purpose in life right now is to make Hannah laugh.....Mission accomplished!

Rebekah asked me approximately 314 times if her face paint wiped off...sooooo worried....I even had to take a picture to prove to her that it was still on!

"Jessie, is my face paint still on?"
"Yes, still look like Toto."
(As in Toto the dog from the Wizard of Oz. Her latest obsession)

Growing up so fast! Look at these big kids!

"Um...I think this is the biggest one ever..."

You know Katie and Ann.....they are so wild and crazy.
They forced me to jump on this big trampoline thing....

Should have jumped with our legs crossed :)! Ha!
So fun to have Ann home this week!

Princess Sophia....not real sure about the corn.....

The whole gang.

"Whatever Sophia....I am gonna crawl in this is not gross."

And a nice bath to wash off all the fun....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Teeth...

Dear Teeth,

Please hurry up and finish coming in so my mommy can get a few hours of sleep at night. I think it is fun to stay up all night saying, "dadadadadadadadaaaaaaa" but mommy said it is making her a little crazy.

Love, Owen

P.S. Thanks for coming in.....there is nothing sweeter than stealing Parker's breakfast when he isn't looking!!!

(Look closely on the top and you can see the tooth poking through!)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Owen has a new obsession.....pulling himself up....on...everything! The problem is that he doesn't know how to sit down once he is up and usually ends of falling. Hard.

This morning when I laid him down for his nap I had to go in there 3 times to lay him down from the standing up position.

I am happy that he is learning how to do this.....but cannot leave him alone for a split second.

Parker thinks it is great and loves to "comfort" him when he falls.

Go Huskers!

Last weekend we had some friends over to watch the first Husker game of the season. The kids enjoyed the nice weather and played outside with only a few minor injuries (i.e. getting poked in the eye with an American flag).....and then spent the rest of the night in the basement playing "camp out" with is so fun to see the kids playing together and having fun!

Top to bottom: Madden, Parker, Hailey, Austin, Sage.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was feeding Owen the other day and Parker exclaims, "Mommy, is Owen eating Broccamole?"

You know, is a mixture of broccoli and guacamole. But it wasn't broccamole, it was peas...

And he is eating lots so he can try and keep up with Parker. He crawls like a crazy man and on Saturday I caught him crawling up the stairs! Lord help me!

That is my excuse for not blogging for a whole month....I forgot how much work it is to chase around a crawling 7 month old!