Monday, April 25, 2011


Sunday morning the boys woke up to a few Easter eggs filled with pennies and a new pair of flip flops in their Easter baskets. Parker quickly found all the eggs and took all of the money and put it in his wallet. Owen just jumped around with excitement and said "happy new year!" over and over again.

We were going to early church so I had to hurry the egg-hunting along so we could eat breakfast and get ready.

And while the boys were waiting for their waffles, Parker turns to Owen and says, "Owen. Easter really isn't about the hunting eggs, it's about Jesus and how he died......" Owen interrupts him and in a defensive tone says, "I know Carker! I go to bible study Carker."

Yep. He does. He really does go to bible study with me on Wednesday mornings and he must be learning more than I thought. ha.

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