Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's been over 4 months...but we have been busy...

At the beginning of the summer I had four goals.....

1. relaxing
2. fun
3. no obligations
4. lots of sleeping in

With Parker starting preschool this fall I knew it was my last chance to be without serious obligations and so I took FULL advantage of doing nothing....

so this is what we did all summer...

We drove the gator 74.5 miles/day.

worked in the garden.

got wet and muddy watering the garden.


took swimming lessons.

ate ice cream.

grew up too fast.

celebrated the 4th of July.

ate lots of messy food
(and apparently fell down and bruised his head)

went to "Wizard of Oz" camp at the Children's Museum.
(Parker is in the cowardly lion costume)


buzzed our hair after a weekend of camping to make sure there were no ticks.

played basketball.

rode a new birthday bike.

swam in the backyard.

Owen finally started talking.


watched Mickey Mouse before bed
(or as Owen says, "Gicky")

worked together.

had a birthday party.

turned 4 and got REAL basketball shoes.

had picnics in the backyard.

We also went camping, fishing, boating, etc. but I don't have any pictures of that. I really slacked on taking pictures and blogging, because I was too busy doing nothing.

Parker started preschool last Monday and I have some super cute pictures I will share in my next post. Sean starts seed corn harvest on Sunday, which means summer is offically over for us, and fall is here. We are sad to see summer go, but are adjusting well to our new schedule. I will always remember this summer and the wonderful memories we made just doing nothing.

The days when they are young go much too fast.

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